NOïSIS  addresses a global need for quantitative data-driven brain signal analysis. Our aim is to build a medical service for diagnosing and monitoring neurological ailments by means of electro­physiological brain measures. Our initial emphasis is on longitudinal monitoring ofcognitive integrity in multiple sclerosis and in oncological interventions with chemotherapy.

Stimulating the brain :  An electroencephalogram (EEG) recording provides a way to measure on-going cognitive activity in a patient’s head. Conventionally, EEG data can be recorded without any particular set of stimulus presented to a patient, also known as a base-line recording, or with a standard stimulus in order to determine the brain’s response to a particular task.

Our approach includes complex cognitive stimulation to elicit a wide spectrum of mental conditions, by including a short clip of theatrical movies during the EEG recording. Our belief is that this will assure high attentiveness even after repeated recordings, and to capture a rich signal of brain activity reflecting innumerable levels of subconscious processes, i.e like skipping stones which leaves ripples on the water surface. The necessarily hypothesis-free analysis is data-driven and relies on a deep learning technology.

Our product has been developed to monitor serial EEG measures in longitudinal brain studies and to quantity changes in the associated brain states. By aggregating large sets of data, we explore potential bio-markers which can characterize disease progression, facilitating EEG-based diagnosis of precursors, disease states and disease subtypes.

Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks :  In partnership with leading academics at major research institutions, we are developing state-of-the-art machine learning approaches to characterize brain states measurable in longitudinal electrophysiological brain signals.

Efficacy of novel drug therapies :  Through our strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, we will devise methods to detect and quantify the effects of the novel treatments and medications on patients’ neurological health.